The First Name

The First Name

The First Name is a seamless, grotesque, and intensive novel of migration and coming-of-age […]
The 13 short stories that comprise the novel stand on their own as independent tales, while being
woven together with circuitous and surprising virtuoso into a coherent novel through an array of links revolving around the main character of Silvia.”

From the jury’s statement for the Promising Writers Award of the Israel Ministry of Culture, January 2015

Praise for “The First Name”

“Ofir’s is a brave voice in the new Hebrew literature.” Dr. Sigal Naor-Perelman, literary critic

“A beautiful confluence of content and form, like a fan that opens up across the entire globe and then gathers back into the here and now, as the soul shatters into pieces and is restored under the magical spell of love. The First Name is a work of art…”

Ran Ben-Nun, literary critic for Yediot Achronot (Israel’s largest daily)

“The language of the novel is rhythmic, simple and penetrating. Silvia is wonderful and touching, an unconventional character, one of a kind.” Michal Heruti, literary editor

“Each story is like a pin stuck perfectly into place. Oz demonstrates his refined humor and an extremely sensitive ear to language.” Edna Abramson, “The Literary Republic”